Soaking WET Presents

Written/Directed/Choreographed by Tricia Brouk**

Music and Lyrics by Andrew David Sotomayor

COMMITTED is a dark and beautiful book musical about eight people working through the pain of their mental illnesses in a psychiatric institute. Pain is pain.  We all know it, we all feel it, we all relate to it. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about. COMMITTED is a theatrical experience that brings awareness to mental illness and with compassion and humor, try to get past the suffering. The hope is to use art and entertainment to de-stigmatize mental illness and get people talking about it.

In 1989 at an Upper East Side psychiatric ward, five women and three men share their very personal stories of struggle and hope.  This new book musical, with 13 original songs written by my partner, the extremely talented lyricist/composer, Andrew David Sotomayor, is a little Orange is the New Black meets Girl Interrupted meets Friends. Their personal stories, told through song and dance, touch on various and more than common mental illnesses. The characters are likable and very relatable. We understand them and want them to get better. The subject matter is intense, but there is no lack of humor. - Tricia Brouk


** Member of SDC