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TRICIA BROUK** - Writer/Director/Choreographer

Tricia Brouk recently wrote, directed and choreographed 50 SHADES OF F****D UP, A MUSICAL PARODY, for the stage and has now adapted it for the screen, which will be made into a feature film. Tricia is choreographing THE BLACK BOX for ABC, starring Kelly Reilly, directed by Simon Curtis. She is also choreographing THE ZOMBIES: A MUSICAL, directed by Max Resto.  Her work has been recently seen at Joe’s Pub, BC Beat and Stage 72 in New York City.  She directed/choreographed BROADWAY VARIETEASE, I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE!, BINGO, THE WINNING MUSICAL and POPESICAL, which played the Lyric Theater in LA. 

She directed/choreographed EROTIC BROADWAY: VINTAGE VARIETY, FRANKIE AND DEBBIE LIVE AT THE MARTINI LOUNGE, and the Off Broadway TOKIO CONFIDENTIAL at Atlantic Stage 2. Tricia also choreographed John Turturro’s feature film ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES where she received a Golden Thumb award from Roger Ebert for her choreography in the film. She also wrote, directed, choreographed and dances in ROLLING IN THE RING OF FIRE, a short film. Her choreography can also be seen in Dennis Leary’s Rescue Me starring Steve Pascuale and in Lasse Hallstrom’s The Hoax, starring Richard Gere. Her choreography is also featured in Capitol One Commercials and on the Travel Channel.  She choreographed and produced a one woman show called Dining Alone at Dance Theater Workshop and created work for The A Train Musicals and The Fred Astaire Awards as well as New York Musical Theater Festival shows Drift and  Love Sucks, directed by Andy Goldberg.   www.TriciaBrouk.com

“Since writing Committed, many people ask me if I have mental illness in my family. My family is crazy, but no, not clinically ill. I had just written a successful parody musical of Fifty Shades of Grey called 50 Shades of F****D Up, so I decided to write another show. I started writing what I thought would be another funny show about crazy people.  As I began researching various forms of mental illness and what goes on in mental institutions, I realized that this was far bigger than me. And it wasn’t funny. People who suffer with mental illness often don’t have the support they need, the voice they need or the help they need. They are often misdiagnosed, over medicated, and often released too soon, helplessly searching for stability.  I created Committed not only to entertain, but also in an effort to create awareness and de-stigmatize mental illness. By using compassion and humor through art, my goal is to get people talking about it.

I care deeply about the eight people in Committed. Each of them has a little of me in them. I think we all have a little of each of them in us, and I'm hoping they can remind anyone suffering from depression, sadness or mental illness, that you are not alone.” - Tricia Brouk


** Member of SDC